How do men fall in love? I had almost never given this any thought until very recently. As a man, my obsession had always been with how women are wooed. I had never consciously focused on what works on me or men at large at all. There are some simple behavioral things that separate men from women. For example: A man will perhaps at best give off a mild smile in a scenario that would possibly make a woman say “Aww” out loud.

A few weeks ago I was sitting at a friend’s house as we engaged in nonchalant conversation. There were three of us, two guys and a girl. We spoke about what was happening in our lives and careers but, as is often the case with aimless banter we got derailed and began to discuss what was happening with each of us on the romantic front.

At this point my female friend began to tell us how a certain young man had developed an unexplainable level of affection towards her, despite the fact that they had only just met. Armed to my teeth with sarcasm and humor ready to ridicule and belittle this guy (because let’s face it, nobody is ever good enough for your friends,) I began to listen to her narration of how things had come to pass. I had already decided that this guy was some sort of creepy desperado who was led on by virtually nothing and my friend would be wise to steer clear of such a character.

Then, she explained the circumstances under which the young man had first approached her and how she had told him she couldn’t talk to him at that moment because (insert random embarrassing but perceivably cute reason here).

Both me and my male friend looked at each other smiling and told her “That’s what did it! That’s why he’s crazy about you!” It was obvious to both us guys. We knew that with that in that moment our friend had actually set the bait! There are few men whose curiosity would not have been aroused by her actions. Also read: Story Of Their Life: A Tale Of Young Love

At the outset, let’s be clear that the amount of thought, deliberation and confidence that is required to launch a nuclear warhead is nothing, compared to the kind of gusto that a man has to conjure to approach a strange woman he is drawn towards. This young man my friend was speaking of had opened himself up to what most men consider an almost certain degree of embarrassment.

The way I look at it, there is a 50-50 chance that a girl will respond positively to your advances before you make your move. Once you have made your move however (no matter how smooth your game is) the odds are instantly reduced to a 99 to 1. However when you really like someone those are pretty good odds.

That… is how men fall in love. We think we know the kind of woman we want; we mentally decide what a prospective lover must or mustn’t be for us to truly like them but the right woman can make it all fall to the ground like a house of cards. Also read: What Are You Doing With Your Life?

So here are four things that a girl can do to make a guy fall in love with her. These things I’m talking about are all from personal experience and while I feel they are widely applicable I do not claim that these are acts of magic. I can however tell you with unmistakable certainty that they have all at some point or another worked on me!

The Infamous Smile

At times, I think that if any decent looking woman smiles at me just about enough and at just the right moments, she’d own me. That’s how easily a man’s passion can be triggered. Men may think from what’s between the legs when they hit on you at a party or a random social occasion but, that’s not what makes them fall in love. A smile is the kind of signal that’s works on everyone from James ‘frigging’ Bond to the Lucha on the streets. After all when someone says, “Voh tujhe dekh ke has rahi hai!” (She’s smiling at you!) A man can’t help but go a little weak in the knees.

The Long Loving Stare

If a woman looks into a man’s eyes for long enough, she will have his heart. She could be thinking about eggshells while she does it but, a man will manage to see the ocean, the sky, the hills and the meadows within her eyes. It doesn’t matter what color they are… there’s just an innate sense of comfort and honesty to a woman who can hold your stare. To the traditional and old fashioned man a stare appears to be defiance but, a real man knows strength when he sees it. And strength is admirable.

The Alluring Scent

I’ve forgotten the faces of some of the women I’ve been with but, their scents… I remember distinctly. To this day I turn and search through crowds when I come across one of those familiar scents. Those scents that are magic fill men with warmth. It isn’t just the perfume a girl is wearing, it’s that and the natural aroma god blessed her with. When a woman hugs a man long enough for him to breathe in her scent, it is as crucial as the first kiss. If it lures men in, it hypnotizes them and no matter how they try… they will fail to resist her company.

The Butter Knife

Picture a man crossing the road with his date; she is a young independent woman and sure as hell doesn’t need the man to hold her hand. As they are about to cross the road she holds his hand. Once on the other side the guy casually remarks “I thought you could cross a road safely without me.”  “That wasn’t for me... that was for you.” The girl responds.

 I was that guy and that’s the moment I fell for this particular woman. Men adore the delicate exterior of a woman, be it her body or the first impression of her personality. However, what absolutely hits the nail on the head is a bit or in my case a lot of autonomy. A woman who looks like heaven might grab a man’s attention but, a woman who can raise hell takes his heart away.  A strong woman is like a butter knife... it won't cut you but, it can.

PS- All things said and done, you absolutely cannot fabricate love. You can however speed up the process by getting to know each other better in the best possible way.

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