A lot of us are overtly ambitious, so much so that we are certain we may often be happy but, will never be content.  The desire to achieve more leads us to seek out advice and this advice often comes from those who’ve made it in their own right.
Now, while there is a lot one can learn from someone else’s success and there is a lot of knowledge that might help us; it is still just once sided information.  You aren’t factoring in all the other factors that led your advisor to where they are; factors they may not even realize helped them.
That said, what leads to success is not a purely objective debate. One crucial thing I’ve learned is to constantly work on myself, the one factor in the equation that is under my control. That said, the reason I put this post up was because I stumbled upon a YouTube video by Bite Size Psych with the same title as my post and it articulated things rather well.  Take a look at the video…

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It had all the makings of a perfect Delhi evening… well, to be honest we were in Noida but, you get the drift.  The weather was just right, the old gang was hanging out together and a friend had flown down from Mumbai. All the planning and seemingly endless texts on WhatsApp were going to culminate in what promised to be a great evening.

We had booked six tickets to an IMAX film at PVR and were rather enthusiastic about it. As always I had already given my friends quite a spiel about being on time. So, there we were… a handsome 15 minutes before the show was set to start. We patiently waited and debated where we should eat and had to plan things perfectly because everyone had to be somewhere post the movie.
It was finally time for the movie to start but, the door to the auditorium was still closed. This was curious because it usually opens up a good 10-15 minutes before the show timing; presumably so that people can get seated and lap up some advertisements and trailers. “Five more min…


You may have read stacks and stacks of novels based inside prisons but, have you ever read a novel about an author’s time inside one? The chances are slim at best. The Bad Boys Of Bokaro Jail is one such story and a riveting one at that.

The book is a first person narrative of author Chetan Mahajan’s experiences inside Bokaro jail and most of it was written inside the prison’s four walls... by hand. How he got there and what he was arrested for are both things that are just a Google search away but, don’t do it!
In fact, I would suggest you read nothing about Chetan Mahajan, before you start reading this book. If possible, resist the temptation to even read the back cover. Simply open the book and dive in and you will feel like you are prying on someone’s diary – a forbidden act that is tempting to all.
Wondering why I would say that? Well, the thing is the charm of reading a book is to plough forward not knowing what happens in the end and if you’re aware of what happened to the aut…


You’re on the wrong side of 25, half your friends are married, some are happily single, some are dating and then there are those who are in a serious relationship; like you. I don’t need to tell you that relationships at our age can get fairly tricky.
There is a part of you that doesn’t want to abandon the endless possibilities of single-hood; even if those possibilities never become realities. There is of course another part of you and this one’s harder to please because, it wants you to find someone. Not just anyone, but the one you want to be with, maybe even get married to.

Forgive me for using the M word; I know a lot of us aren’t ready for it. We’re either not ready financially or we’re just not prepared mentally to take such a big step. It’s all understandable and life keeps getting more and more overwhelming. So, what is it that we can do to make our lives, relationships or attempts to get into relationships less stressful? Here’s my take! 1) Know What You Want
Whether you’re…


The internet has recently been abuzz with talk of which countries are the happiest. In fact, India was rated as one of the least happy countries in the world. There is however one country which is supposedly the happiest: Bhutan. But, is it really?

You’ve probably scrolled down your Facebook news-feed at least once to read about how Bhutan uses a gross happiness index instead of using GDP or gross domestic product like other countries. It's not that Bhutan isn't happy; a small country with a population of just 792,877 people ought to be.
Ass to that the fact that most of the country follows the same religion – Buddhism, it's a fairly peaceful place. The whole picture however isn’t nearly as rosy as click bait articles would have you believe. Take a look at the video below to understand why.

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I’ve heard polarizing reviews from people about this film and really wanted to put my two cents out there. I’m pressed for time and can’t do an in-depth review. So, here’s a list of reasons that I think make Trapped a film you should go watch and one reason for you not to.

If you’re tired of run of the mill narratives and stories that give you a sense of Déjà Vu, Trapped will stand out. It’s a film about survival; an emotion so universal that you will feel it (unless you resist it). The film is not what a lot of people would expect but an educated audience must readjust expectations and try to accept what the filmmaker wants to serve.

What you will notice in the cinema hall while watching this film is that people will constantly laugh and giggle. This behaviour is similar to what you witness during horror films. When something begins to feel too real we tend to shut it off by ridiculing it, do yourself a favour... go watch this alone or with pe…


Updated: 14/03/2017

I’m just 27 years old, but to Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix that’s a lifetime. So, with a lifetime of experience in the realm of writing, I have a fair idea of what it’s really like to be a writer. Unfortunately, that also means that I have a lifetime of experience responding to questions people ask writers.
Now, most questions are easy to answer but, some of them really make me wonder how taxing the process of snapping every single bone in the human body can possibly be. Also, how long does it take for someone to die of internal bleeding? Anyway, here’s a short list of questions that writers commonly get asked and their answers in reasonable detail.
How much money do writers make?
Believe it or not there are tons of specialisations within the realm of writing; you could be a content writer, a poet, a scriptwriter, a copywriter, a journalist, a travel writer etc. The point being the pay scale is rather varied. There are people on the internet who writ…